Don't just take my word for it! Below are some amazing entrepreneurs I have had the chance to work with (although it never feels like work). 


christi, wade design

Getting to “talk shop” with Kristin Mastoras is flat out insightful, encouraging and inspiring. Simply put, Kristin is my go-to Etsy guru. When asked an e-commerce question, Kristin consistently delivers sage advice making a real difference in how I interact with my Etsy customers.


Ali, bailey ray & co.

Since the creation of my company three years ago, Kristin's advice and suggestions have been invaluable from the start. What started as a side hustle has now turned into my full time job. I owe a lot of my success to Kristin's ability to use her own experiences to answer my questions despite my business being in a different market than Miss Design Berry. I had first year sales of 83k, second year sales of 189k and am on track to do 350k this year!